Pet Wellness Care in Pooler, GA

We design our care around your pet and their unique needs.

Let’s be proactive when it comes to your pets health. During your visit, our staff will ask a series of questions about your pets’ current health and lifestyle to determine the specific options you can choose to be a proactive pet parent. Unlike people, our pets can’t tell us when something is wrong, which can allow underlying disease to go undetected until they become visibly ill. Many health conditions can advance quickly causing irreversible damage if management isn’t started early in the process. Ask about our comprehensive wellness packages to get the full benefit of your annual visit.

Wellness Exams

To ensure the overall health of your pet, our veterinarians offer annual or semiannual wellness exams. By keeping up with regular exams, we can detect health issues and diseases in the early stages. As a result, treatment can be less invasive, more cost-effective, and increases the likelihood of being successful. During your pet’s wellness exam, the veterinarian will perform a complete physical exam from nose to tail, collect samples for lab work, and give your pet vaccinations if needed. We will then take time to discuss our findings, recommendations and answer any questions you have.

Preventative Care

Heartworms and other parasites are transmitted from animal to animal, by mosquitoes and fleas, or unknowingly from exposure to the great outdoors. It is especially important to stay on top of year-round parasite prevention here in the Southeast where prevalence is high. Preventatives will keep your four-legged family members from contracting heartworms, fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites. We will recommend the appropriate treatment and preventative methods to ensure you provide adequate protection for your pet’s lifestyle.

Veterinary Services

Below is a list of the most common veterinary services we offer at Pooler Veterinary Hospital. If you have any questions regarding our services, please feel free to call us.